Coleman Transport hauls heavy equipment.

Coleman Transport is a service-oriented, heavy hauling company that began in 1999. We haul over-dimension, over-weight loads throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia, and other states/regions as necessary. Our office is located in eastern Kentucky, near Pikeville, and east of Lexington. Along with heavy hauling services, Coleman Transport also provides crane, earth moving and construction services.

Coleman Transport's customers include but are not limited to: road builders, natural gas companies, coal companies, major utility companies, logging companies and equipment companies. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, and hire experienced, seasoned drivers with the same type of commitment.

Coleman Transport, Inc.
261 Mare Creek
Stanville, KY 41659 

(606) 478-7625 (office)
(606) 477-7510
(606) 478-7626 (fax)